On very short notice (less than 24 hours,) I reached out to BA Cleaning Service to clean before having a guest over to our home. We knew whoever came would have her work cut out for them… The appointment making process was easy. The fee was discussed in a clear and accurate way on the phone before the service arrived. When Amienata arrived, she was punctual, quiet and polite…
Justin H., Manhattan, NY

I have used BA Cleaning Service a few times, and can honestly say they are great. My apartment is very clean, and I have been very happy with the results. Amie’s team wastes no time upon arrival, and when I come home everything right down to the bed is made…
K G., Manhattan, NY

These people were fabulous. They arrive exactly on time, cleaned an entire suite of offices in a matter of hours, and cleaned every single surface, including the insides and blades of several personal fans. Everyone in the suite was impressed with their good energy, that they used entirely natural products, and they were very unobtrusive…
Office M., Manhattan, NY

… This was my first time hiring for cleaning services, and I did not know what to expect. Well, they not only addressed my priorities, but went above and beyond. Going so far as to vacuum every inch of my place, even under the area rugs, moving my sofa and armchairs to even clean under them, and every crevice where dust and hair could hide.  Every surface in every room was thoroughly dusted…
Krisztina A., Astoria, NY

Great service. They thoroughly cleaned my house. My refrigerator was a science lab and BA Cleaning Service changed all that. My husband said “is that a new refrigerator?” I am a loyal customer after my second visit! Use them, and you will want to tip them well. Yes, they are that good.
Val A., Manhattan, NY

Thank GOD for BA cleaners.. Like a lot of New yorkers I have a busy schedule and don’t always have the time to clean my apartment.. I’m talking not just a quick tidy, but a deep clean. Over the last few weeks it really started to pile up!! BA Cleaners came to the rescue. It was easy to schedule a time, they are honest, hard-working, sweet and really good at what they do. I am now sitting in a beautiful, serene and clean apartment. Thank you BA Cleaning Service
Molly L., Manhattan, NY

Great cleaning service. prompt, meticulous attention to detail. I’m pregnant and couldn’t have gotten my place clean without Hulai’s help! Will use again! Annabelle, Harlem.
Annabelle B., Manhattan, NY

They were just great, I have 2 dogs and they didn’t charge me extra or get freaked out by them. They did a wonderful job and I plan on having them back as often as I can.
J K., Manhattan, NY

I had to write that review because I was very pleased with the result I got in my house !! First of all I would like to thank Ms Amienata Bah and her employes for the wonderful job they did !!! I will definitely recommend this company !!! Just tell them what you want to be done and that is it they are on it !!…
Sarah D., Brooklyn, NY

I am so happy for the work you did for me !!  i had a last time need, and you came as fast as you could ! never mad always happy on your face !! I am so glad i found your agency !!
Mariam K., Bronx, NY

I had all my family over for Christmas !!! It was fun but the mess wasn’t ! This is when I decided to call ! I found BA Cleaning Service etc , they did everything I asked for and the boss Ms Bah makes sure everything is done done prpperly, she is a very good person ! I will recommend this agency to everyone in need of housekeeping, you will never regret it !! Thumbs up !!
Catherine W., New York, NY

its my pleasure to reccomend Ba cleaning service as a cleaning service. the women that comes to clean my house twice a week goes above and beyond what i inatially expected. when I was pregnant was when i got much praise for the state of my apartment. I owe credit to BA CLeaning Service etc…
melissa j., Manhattan, NY

My apartment was a complete mess, really dirty! I didn’t know where to start so I didn’t. I called BA Cleaning they did a Great Job. I was truly satisfied,and surprised at the Finished Product. Their prices are reasonable and they are honest people!
Maurice W., Manhattan, NY