Is a messy roommate ruining your cleaning?

Messy Rommate

Messy roommate? It can be frustrating when the dishes are always piling up and you’re stuck doing the bulk of the washing. Don’t let friction over chores cause an argument. Here are some tips for ensuring your home stays clean and all housemates are happy:

  1. Compromise and reach an agreement on a general level of cleanliness that is acceptable to all parties. Determine what tasks need to be done to maintain it.
  2. List tasks and all supplies necessary. Split the cost of the supplies evenly and take turns shopping for them.
  3. Ask what your roommate doesn’t mind doing. For example, if someone loves to vacuum, by all means assign them that task. If you both hate doing a certain chore, alternate on a weekly basis. If no one likes any of the options, randomly assign chores. For example, pick tasks out of a hat.
  4. Agree on how often each chore needs to be done and stick to it.
  5. Assign chores to each roommate. Write down the tasks on a calendar in a communal area as a reminder.
  6. No one is the same when it comes to how they go about doing something. If the way your roommate cleans the kitchen drives you crazy, consider taking it on yourself.
  7. Each roommate is responsible for looking at the calendar and knowing what they have to do, when, and how often. Don’t nag. If you notice that a roommate is slacking recently, have a friendly chat. Perhaps it has been a busy week at work or they’re going through a rough patch. Offer to switch chores and let them do something easier temporarily. Hopefully they will return the favor.
  8. If a roommate is just plain messy and skips their assigned tasks repeatedly, call a house meeting. Calmly discuss what is going on and what can be done to remedy it.
  9. If you are both messy or you don’t have time to get everything done, hire a full service cleaning company and split the cost.

By dividing the job and sticking to a schedule, each roommate will only have to do their fair share of housework. Keep the lines of communication open so that no one feels slighted or taken advantage of.

How do you divide housecleaning with your roommate?