The key to effective house cleaning

picture of a lady doing some house cleaning chores

The most difficult part of cleaning your house is not how hard it is, nor how much you need to think, in fact it is the opposite of these things. The mindless tedium that comes with the chore is due to the fact that you do not have to concentrate, so making yourself carry on with it for so long as it needs to be done can be really difficult, due to how easily you can be distracted.

You will most likely be completely able to listen to thing while cleaning, just like while driving a car, or cooking. Essentially, you can listen to music, or whatever you want to, without it affecting your ability to get the job done, which means that at least part of you could be enjoying what you are doing!

Putting on a favorite album can be a great way to reduce the tedium that comes with household chores, as you would normally listen to such music when you were relaxing. Music stimulates the senses and lets you drift off into a different time in your life that you may associate with it. If you can do this when you’re cleaning, then you may allow a good hour to pass before the album ends and you realize that it all flew by rather quickly.

Basically what you are doing is using up the spare brain power that would otherwise be continually questioning why the clean is taking so long, and how you should be doing something much more interesting with your time! Distracting from such thoughts is pretty essential, as otherwise it will mean that your job is slower, as you drift in to thoughts of doing other things, or procrastinate in order to avoid doing the work!

tired after housecleaning job If listening to music is not really your thing, and you would perhaps prefer to watch TV, then there are many things that you can do in order to reduce the monotony of the process whilst still using the power of listening. Unfortunately the work that you do means that it is hard to watch TV or do much else other than listen, given that your hands and eyes are taken up with the task at hand. You may find similar solace in the power of radio dramas however. Many radio stations have soaps that will weave a story much as a television program would, which will take your thoughts elsewhere and get you thinking about different things entirely to the cleaning job.

If you are not interested in radio soaps, then documentaries are found in the form of informative radio shows as well as podcasts that can be downloaded for the sake of learning about things, which is a very productive thing to do whilst on the task. On a similar note, audio books are the perfect way to up the productivity of your day, as they will lead to you being a lot better read without the time constraints of having to sit down and actually read the thing! You may well find that you even start to look forward to the cleaning, so that you can get on with the story at hand!
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