House cleaning tips

cleaning woman scrubbing the floor

Cleaning your house is not exactly an activity that most people will find exciting. However it is a job that needs to be done, no matter how busy we are.  We all love to have a clean home, kitchen, bathroom and everything always smelling fresh but when we think of how long it will take, we may want to ease on a couch, watch our favorite show and put it off until tomorrow that never comes.

Wouldn’t you rather have fun doing the things that you love to spend your free time on? You are busy juggling between job and family life all week long and when comes the weekend you want to enjoy your hobbies, hang out with your social circle or just rest. I don’t think many people want to spend their leisure time on housekeeping chores.

The first part of cleaning is to go room-by-room and toss, recycle, put away everything that isn’t needed anymore in order to reduce clutter. Remember clutter can make your house look dirtier than it is. The less clutter you have, the quicker and easier it is to clean your home and keep it neat.

The second tip is to schedule 2 to 4 hours cleaning each week. One week you devote to the living areas: one for bedrooms, one for the bathroom and etc. Deep clean windows, vacuum mattresses, clean oven, microwave etc…

Finally, it’s a good practice to do it regularly. Do not wait for the mess to build up as you idle by. For instance you need to clean your bathroom weekly or twice a month, otherwise you will be spending a lot more time trying scrub off the ring you’ve allowed for build up around the tub and the mold that has begun to grow in the tiles.

If you’re too busy, it may be better to consider having a maid from BA Cleaning Service Etc. come once a month or week, and do the dirty job for you. Please call 212 234 9807