Common household dusters compared

young house maid with duster

Dusting should be part of your house cleaning chores to maintain good health. Dust contains dead skin cells, pet dander and dust mites. Below is a comparison of most common household dusters to help you choose the right tools for the task:

  • Ostrich Feather Duster: This classic tool gets into small spaces that are difficult to maneuver. Plus, you can dust things like bookshelves without having to empty them. Don’t opt for cheap versions as feathers will fall off and they can sir up and redistribute dust. Real ostrich feathers are softer and more durable and pliable than synthetic materials.
  • Microfiber Cloth: Damp or dry, microfiber cloths act like a magnet to grab dust particles and hold onto them. They won’t damage surfaces. Washable and disposable varieties are available.
  • Wool Puff: A wool duster (preferably lamb’s wool) looks like cotton candy on a stick. Because it’s mounted on a long handle, you can reach higher surfaces. The flexible puff gets into irregular spaces and catches and holds dust. For extra high dusting, purchase an extension handle.
  •  Vacuum Cleaner: Vacuum cleaners are perfect for removing dust around the house without scattering it. In addition to sucking up debris off the floor, a dusting brush with an attachment can be used for high places. Invest in a good vacuum with HEPA filtration.

With the right tools and regular cleaning, you can manage dust and create a healthier house. Or rely on a professional to do the job for you.