Our Cleaning Services

Got a job that needs professional cleaning services?

ba cleaning services - cleaning the bathroom with baking sodaAt BA Cleaning Services Etc. we understand your need for a spotless house or office and offer the very best janitorial work in New York. We strive to offer you the best job for your money.

Whether you want your house, apartment or office swept and dusted or your windows washed, our professional cleaners will assess your needs and provide service that will meet or exceed your expectations. We specialize in:

  1. House Cleaning Services
    We have a team of professional housemaids with extensive experience and an excellent work ethic who will come to your home without making their presence felt, scrub it and sanitize it until it is smelling fresh.
  2. Office Cleaning Services
    We clean offices too. Whether it is a small home office or a big company office, we have the experience and dedication to make sure that after we do the job in your workspace, it is spotless, with nothing out of place.
  3. Home Organization
    Decluttering is second nature to us. Let us relieve your stress and help you organize your living space as well as your closet, so you can focus on enjoying life.
  4. Office Organization
    We understand that, with all the work being done, an office can get messy. After we mop and dust off your office we can also help you organize your workspace so it’s clutter-free, leaving you more room to concentrate on being productive.

If you’re looking for professional maid service in any New York City location, we will be glad to give you an estimate for your house cleaning  job.

BA Cleaning Services Etc. is your neighborhood cleaning company!

ba cleaning services - bucket with cleaning supplies