How to clean garbage cans so they won’t stink

How to clean garbage cans to prevent stinking

Is your trash starting to smell? Is there some unknown sticky substance on the can? Time to put on your cleaning gloves and get down to business. Because we tend to throw away food trash, diapers, and other similar items, garbage cans quickly become a breeding ground for bacteria. Nix odor and germs by following these steps for keeping odorless garbage cans in your kitchen:

  1. Practice prevention. Keep your garbage can clean in the first place to cut down on work. Always line the can with a bag and take it out daily.
  2. Never overfill the trash. Fight the urge to push down garbage to fit more. Allowing it to overflow is a no-no.
  3. If your garbage can stays relatively unsoiled, wash it once a month or so. Also wash immediately after any spills or messes.
  4. After removing the trash bag, rinse out the garbage can with a garden hose or even in the shower. Then pat it down to dry it.
  5. Spray the inside and outside of the trash can with white vinegar. Follow with a mist of hydrogen peroxide (don’t mix the two in the same bottle as a chemical reaction can occur). Allow the mixture to sit for a few minutes. It will de-stink and disinfect. You can also use an earth-friendly, non-toxic store bought disinfectant.
  6. Scrub the entire garbage can, inside and out, top to bottom.
  7. Rinse the garbage can with warm water and dry. For best results, let the garbage can air dry in the sunlight.
  8. Be sure the trash can is completely dry before using another trash can liner.

Do you have any helpful tips for cleaning household garbage cans?