Tips for deep cleaning your house

woman cleaning house and washing windows

Regular upkeep of your house is a necessity. Several times per year the space you live in will be in need of some deep cleaning. After spending the winter months indoor, a full service cleaning is in order. You’ll get rid of the grime, germs, and dust that have accumulated and give the house a […]

Quick house cleaning tips for the holidays

Valentine's Day Gifts

The holidays are approaching fast and making a great meal and getting dressed up may be on your to-do list. But don’t forget to use some quick and easy cleaning tips, if you opt to stay home for a family dinner. a messy place will ruin the mood. Here is how you can keep your […]

A cleaning company for New York lifestyle

a clock, symbol of rush in new york city

I had the idea of creating a cleaning company a long time ago. I have always been a person who’s into sweeping, dusting off, arranging stuff. So when I decided to create my own my own business, it was a natural fit. Being in New York and having a maid service has its challenges but […]