How to Remove White Rings from Wooden Furniture

cleaning lady in living room to remove stains on furniture

It happens. You leave a glass or a cup on your beautiful wooden table and forgot to lay a coaster first. Then you see an ugly white ring staining the original polished look of your furniture. Usually, heat and moisture are responsible for the white ring mark so using a method that combines both of […]

Common household dusters compared

young house maid with duster

Dusting should be part of your house cleaning chores to maintain good health. Dust contains dead skin cells, pet dander and dust mites. Below is a comparison of most common household dusters to help you choose the right tools for the task: Ostrich Feather Duster: This classic tool gets into small spaces that are difficult […]

House cleaning tips

cleaning woman scrubbing the floor

Cleaning your house is not exactly an activity that most people will find exciting. However it is a job that needs to be done, no matter how busy we are.  We all love to have a clean home, kitchen, bathroom and everything always smelling fresh but when we think of how long it will take, […]

How to clean your bathroom without bleach

woman doing chores cleaning bathroom at home

For years, bleach has been a household favorite, especially in bathroom cleaning, because it keeps sinks and bathtubs and other porcelain fixtures spotless and germ-free. But there are more eco-friendly alternatives for cleaning bathrooms.. Most bleach contains chlorine, which has powerful whitening and antimicrobial properties. However, its impact on your bathroom comes with negative consequences […]

How to make your own window cleaner

young housewife washing the window

If you’re looking for a natural way to clean your windows, consider making your own solution with natural, easy-to-find ingredients. Most store-bought window cleaners leave a streak-free shine, but they do it with chemicals that are harmful to both you and the environment. For a safer alternative, try one of these homemade window cleaner recipes. […]

The key to effective house cleaning

domestic cleaning. picture of a lady vacuuming the floor

The most difficult part of cleaning your house is not how hard it is, nor how much you need to think, in fact it is the opposite of these things. The mindless tedium that comes with the chore is due to the fact that you do not have to concentrate, so making yourself carry on […]

Simple ways for cleaning your hardwood floors

How to clean wood floors

  To clean hardwood floor to keep them in pristine condition you need to do it correctly. Dirt can cause scratches and abrasions, while liquid spills left untouched have the potential to warp the wood. Here’s a primer to help you get started: Do focus on preventative measures. Ask guests to take their shoes off in the […]

How to clean garbage cans so they won’t stink

How to clean trash cans

Is your trash starting to smell? Is there some unknown sticky substance on the can? Time to put on your cleaning gloves and get down to business. Because we tend to throw away food trash, diapers, and other similar items, garbage cans quickly become a breeding ground for bacteria. Nix odor and germs by following […]

Is a messy roommate ruining your cleaning?

Messy Rommate

Messy roommate? It can be frustrating when the dishes are always piling up and you’re stuck doing the bulk of the washing. Don’t let friction over chores cause an argument. Here are some tips for ensuring your home stays clean and all housemates are happy: Compromise and reach an agreement on a general level of […]

House cleaning hazards and how to avoid them

House Cleaning Injuries

  Cleaning your house may not seem like an activity that can lead to injury. While it’s not a full contact sport, there are hazards to watch out for. Tweaking some of your housekeeping habits will help you stay safe. Check out these common cleaning hazards and learn how to avoid them: Sprains, Strains, and […]